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Recycle your Pacemakers!

Our Ultimate Goal: Recycle used pacemakers once regulator approvals are obtained. In the meantime, research is being conducted that will lay the groundwork for this potentially life-saving project.

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Each year 1-2 million individuals worldwide die due to a lack of access to pacemakers. Meanwhile, almost 90% of individuals with pacemakers would donate their device to others in need if given the chance. The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center is performing a research study to examine the battery life of devices that are removed by Michigan Funeral Directors. Our ultimate goal is to acquire FDA approval and begin a clinical trial to determine if pacemaker reutilization is a safe and effective means of delivering healthcare to those with great need in underserved countries.

We must never forget that at the foundation of each technological breakthrough is the need to improve humanity in all aspects of our society. Undoubtedly, pacemaker reuse can safely and effectively transform a currently wasted resource into an opportunity for a new life for many citizens in our world!

Talk to your clients about donating their loved one’s device to Project My Heart Your Heart.

If you are interested in being a part of this program, please download the legal consent for device explantation and donation. Follow this link to request a postage-paid shipping box in order to send the device to the University of Michigan free of charge. Thank you for your time and compassion.

This program has been approved by the Michigan Funeral Directors Association and the University of Michigan Medical School Institutional Review Board. No devices will be shipped overseas, nor implanted into living persons until FDA has approved our planned clinical trial.